Twisted Pretzel IPA

Bizarre and eccentric, the oddball is someone we all know. More often than not their logic twists and turns and may not make immediate sense. But, once you get on board and start to think outside of the box too, you begin to understand their brilliant ideas.


Every year AU Arts partners with Calgary's Village Brewery to come up with possible new beer branding ideas. The Village Oddball is a mango, chili pepper, lime and salted pretzel, full-bodied IPA. Inspired by AU Art's very own Dr. Chris Frey.


Dr. Frey beloved professor and local AU Arts Oddball, embodies the genius creative thinking that artist’s are well known for. He may come off unusual at first, but once you get to know him, you see the charm in not conforming and being his true self.


Cheers to embracing your favorite weirdo!

Sometimes you need to colour outside the lines to make your masterpiece. Not everyone would think to combine mango, chili pepper, lime and salted pretzel in a hoppy, full-bodied IPA, but that’s what the Oddball is for. They remind us that achieving genius takes a little bit of weirdness.

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