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Read the Damn Label.

Fashion Revolution is a non-profit social enterprise. Their goal is to unite consumers and brands in an effort to work together towards changing the way clothing is sourced, produced and consumed.

They celebrate fashion as a positive influence while also identifying the industry's negative practices. By raising awareness of the fashion industry's most pressing issues they can show that change is possible.


Instead of making consumers feel guilty, they help them recognize that they have the power to make a positive influence in the fashion industry.

Read the Damn Label challenges clothing shoppers to think about the impact of fast fashion outside of their closet. It's important to read content labels and consider the longterm environmental costs of our purchase choices.

Getting social about it

Did you know that polyester fabrics can last in our landfills for up to 200 years?


In that time you can stream all of Netflix's content 2703 times.

The App

The Fashion Revolution app will help shoppers make better environmental choices when purchasing clothing. 

The app has three main features: 

   A label reading camera that informs consumers        how long certain materials last in our landfills.

   A clothing quiz to learn about different options        for discarding old items.

   And finally a map locating the nearest Fashion          Revolution recycling bins and donation shops.

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