My name is Jordan!

And I am a visual story teller.​

My last name is pronounced BONES. Just by that 
you should know that I'm one of a kind.

People often tell me that I'm a weirdo, but I prefer delightfully strange. And I feel as though that's a requirement for having a creative mind.

I've been all over the world. I've travelled Australia, 
lived in London and have been to various other
places on this fine planet. Four years ago I decided
to go on the most intense journey of my life, going back to school as the "old lady". I've just completed my degree in Visual Communications and Design, 
with a major in Advertising at The Alberta University of the Arts.

I love to test people's emotional boundaries with my work, but mainly my passion is to make others laugh. 
I always inject my limitless sense of humour into whatever I make.

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